"I shouldn’t have teased you. I shouldn’t have made you think there was a way out of this."

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Grant your bride one wish this night. You have but to ask.

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The songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

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Hello!! I’m in need of a HUGE signal boost right now (and maybe a big reporting session) because my best friend is being blackmailed by her ex boyfriend. 

I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to put here, but I feel like this should be a warning for anyone who knows him and just a general informative thing. Jacob lives in Australia and is 16 years of age. They’ve had a very unhealthy relationship and he’s threatened sending out her nudes multiple times. Jacob is very manipulative and emotionally abusive towards her and even ends up pulling me and her other friends into not being able to do anything because it’ll end up hurting her. He’s made around 7 Twitter accounts to contact my friend in the times that she was trying to get out of the relationship.

In the picture above, he’s posted her nudes and threatened her.


His Twitter accounts all start with @/neinthousand but the one that was most recently used was: @/neinthousand12 (but it was apparently deleted)

His Facebook account is:Jacob R Hynes, and he has more but I am unable to find them. They’re under Jacob Hynes and the like.

********** UPDATES!!! **********

First, we thought we had a compromise. 

Then this happened not even a minute after:

PLEASE CONTINUE REBLOGGING THIS. My friend is only 15 years of age and this is absolutely horrible. We’re getting ahold of local authorities but if you see the pictures anywhere (namely twitter) REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY.

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We can’t selectively numb emotion. Numb the dark and you numb the light.

 - Brené Brown, Daring Greatly (via girlinlondon)
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There’s a beast in every man and it stirs when you insult Sansa Stark.

 - Me (holding a candle standing in front of a mirror in a dark room wearing a hooded cape)
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The stone is a mirror which works poorly.
Nothing in it but dimness. Your dimness or its dim-
ness, who’s to say? In the hush your heart sounds
like a black cricket.

 - Charles Simic, “The stone is … ,” The World Doesn’t End: Prose Poems (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1989)
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